Take a Look at the Results!

09 /08 2020
Take a Look at the Results!

Accesses Condition(Sorted by Time/Date/Month)

Having logged in to the Management page, you can check the basic results from [Accesses] in the left-side menu.

Sorted by Time
This gives you an idea in which time period visitors have been attracted to your website/blog.
Sorted by Day
This will show you the number of times your site was accessed on a day by day basis.
Sorted by Month
Provides you information about the number of times you were visited on a monthly scale.
Access Log
Please make use of this if you wish to know the minute details of access.
Search Access Log
Use this function to search the Access Log
Please insert info into the search fields, and then click the [Show Result] button.


With this you can see where your visitors have come from. Please login to the user management page to get access to this information, click [Source] on the left menu.

Sorted by website
This gives you an idea from which websites your visitors have come from.
Sorted by web page
Provides you information concerning from which web page your visitors have come from.
This will help you know where on a website visitors are coming from.

Clicked on

You can see where visitors have accessed within your website/blogs.
In order to access this information, please first login to the user management page of Access Analysis and click the contents below [Clicked on].

Sorted by web page
This gives you information concerning which hyperlink visitors have clicked on. This not only tells you which pages are attracting visitors but can also help you decipher what hyperlinks on which pages are working effectively.

Search engine

There are two buttons, "Search Engines" and "Keywords" on the left hand side of the Management Page.

Search Engines
This tells you through which search engine visitors have come to your website/blog.
This tells you what keyword searches have led to your webpage/blog.


This tells you detailed information about each visitor.
Again, this can be located on the left side menu under the title "Visitors"

Track Hosts
This enables you to track individual hosts, and know in what order the visitor viewed your pages. It also gives you a rough idea of how long each host has stayed at any single web page.
You can confirm detailed information by clicking the name of each host.
Repeat Visits
This tells you how many of the same visitors are returning to your website/blog.
It also displays the percentage of Repeat Visitors to your website.
This sorts all the visitors depending on their loyalty, meaning how many times they have visited your website/blog in the past.
Last visit
This sorts all visitors in order of the date of their last visits.
First visit
This sorts all visitors in order of the date of their first visit.
Access Interval
This sorts all the visitors depending on the frequency of their visits.
This data gives you an idea of what operation system your visitors are using.
This is calculated by a userAgent value sent from the users' browsers.
This data allows you to know what browser your visitors are using.
Again, this is deciphered from the userAgent.
Presents you the information of where the visitors are from.
This is deciphered from the domain acquired from the host name.
This simply sorts all accesses depending on their languages.


This tool records the resolution of each visitor's display.
This information might come useful when deciding the layout of your website, especially deciding the width and length of various objects.
Number of Colors
This refers to the color display settings on visitors computers.


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