09 /07 2009
Q. I don't want myself or unexpected URL to be counted and analysed.
A. If the address "○○○○○○"
is counted in the access log, it might have happened due to the bug within your browser.
It does not mean that illegal accesses have been made to your website/blog.

Q. What if I want you to analyze more than 120 pages?
A. If the number of page exceeds 120 pages, simply you cannot add more pages. Thereafter, pages will appear and be counted as "UNREGISTERED PAGE".
If you need many pages to be analyzed, we would strongly recommend you to switch to manual operation mode, delete unnecessary pages and data, and set it up so that access analysis will not automatically add new target pages.
Also please make use of the "Tag Crawler" in order not to register unnecessary pages.

Q.Can I use this service simultaneously with the other similar service?
A. As each access analysis might interfere with the other and affect the result of each analysis, it is not a good idea to make use of multiple services at the same time. If you still wish to do so, please acknowledge that the result might lack some precision.


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