Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings
09 /08 2009
1. Social Analysis Settings

If you participate in Social Analysis, your page will be display as a search result on the social analysis search page, and it can help attracting more visitors to your website/blog.
Also if you arranged your advertisement type to Social Analysis, contents related to your website/blog will be displayed in the advertisement.

Please login to user management page of access analysis, and click on "HTML Tag for Analysis" on the left bar.

If you would like to join the Social Analysis, please select 【Join Social Analysis】, whereas if you do not hope to join, please click 【Don't Join Social Analysis】.

2. Excluded IP Address Settings

If you registered IP addresses you would like to exclude from the analysis, you can do so and acquire more precise data on your visitors.
Firstly login to user management page of FC2 Analyzer, and click "Excluded IPs" on the left menu.

Your current IP address will be displayed in 【Your IP Address: ***.***.***.***】, this masked part would be what you are using right now.
Please add this IP (if you want to exclude your data from the analysis), and click "Add" button on the right.

Having registered, the number (of IP address) would be displayed as a confirmation.
If IPs have been changed, please update them and click on "Update" button below.
Conversely, if you want to delete IP(s), check them and click the "Update" button to delete them.

*As IPs designated by most providers are not fixed, we cannot guarantee that those IPs are always valid and counted in the analysis.


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