Placing FC2 Analyzer! (On Your Website)

Placing FC2 Analyzer
02 /13 2009
1. Acquire HTML tag for analysis, and place it in your website.
2. Choose an icon to display on your page.
3. Register the target page.

1. Acquire HTML tag for analysis, and placing it

Login to user management page, and click "HTML Tag for Analysis" on the left bar.
Please copy the HTML tag within the frame, please do keep in mind to copy fully from

<!-- [FC2 Analyzer] --> to
<!-- [FC2 Analyzer] -->

Firstly login to your FC2ID and open up the HTML page of your website.
Please paste the HTML tag you acquired somewhere in between "body" and "/body" in the page you wish to analyze.

2. Choose an icon for analysis

Leave a check next to the "Icon Type" you want to choose your preferred icon from the list of all the icons.
Make specific appointments where you wish to place the icons, and confirm it with the preview.

Once you have determined what picture you want, click "Set".

*If you wish to change the setting from "Social Analysis" to "Icon Type", please make sure you also replace the older HTML tag for analysis.

3. Register target pages

Please login first to the user management page of FC2 Analyzer, and click "Manage the Analyzer" on the left bar.

Insert the URL and title of website you would like to analyze, and click "Add Page".
You can confirm it has been added from the area called "Register and Delete the Target Pages".


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