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Logging In
09 /07 2009
Q. Cannot login to FC2 Access Analysis
A. Having completed registration, a confirmation e-mail (with registry information) has been sent to your registered e-mail address. Please check your email account and try to login again.

There may also be some settings that are preventing you from successfully logging in.
1) Please check your SSL/TSL settings.
2) Please make sure that JavaScript is turned on.
3) Try deleting your cache and cookies.
4) Turn cookies on.
5) Temporarily disable any security software that may be hindering you.

Please also keep in mind that you cannot login to a single FC2ID from multiple browsers or devices. If you have, you must first logout from FC2ID, before logging in again.

Q. I forgot my ID and password.
A. Please try to re-issue the password from here: Reissue Password

Please try not to lose your ID or password.

Q. I have changed my e-mail address! I cannot receive the password.
A. Prior to any change of personal information, make sure to change your account information. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact us providing as much information you can (e.g. your name, account name, e-mail address, what service you are currently with, web page address, blog address, etc)

(In the light of security, you have to be verified as the same person who registered to the service. Without this verification, we are unable to re-issue the password.)


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