Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings
09 /08 2009
1. Social Analysis Settings

If you participate in Social Analysis, your page will be display as a search result on the social analysis search page, and it can help attracting more visitors to your website/blog.
Also if you arranged your advertisement type to Social Analysis, contents related to your website/blog will be displayed in the advertisement.

Please login to user management page of access analysis, and click on "HTML Tag for Analysis" on the left bar.

If you would like to join the Social Analysis, please select 【Join Social Analysis】, whereas if you do not hope to join, please click 【Don't Join Social Analysis】.

2. Excluded IP Address Settings

If you registered IP addresses you would like to exclude from the analysis, you can do so and acquire more precise data on your visitors.
Firstly login to user management page of FC2 Analyzer, and click "Excluded IPs" on the left menu.

Your current IP address will be displayed in 【Your IP Address: ***.***.***.***】, this masked part would be what you are using right now.
Please add this IP (if you want to exclude your data from the analysis), and click "Add" button on the right.

Having registered, the number (of IP address) would be displayed as a confirmation.
If IPs have been changed, please update them and click on "Update" button below.
Conversely, if you want to delete IP(s), check them and click the "Update" button to delete them.

*As IPs designated by most providers are not fixed, we cannot guarantee that those IPs are always valid and counted in the analysis.

Placing FC2 Analyzer! (On Your Blog)

Placing FC2 Analyzer
09 /08 2009
1. Acquire HTML tag for analysis, and place it in your blog.
2. Choose an icon to display on your page.
3. Register the target page.

1. Acquire HTML tag for analysis, and placing it

Login to user management page, and click "HTML Tag for Analysis" on the left bar.
Please copy the HTML tag within the frame, please do keep in mind to copy fully from

<!-- [FC2 Analyzer] --> to
<!-- [FC2 Analyzer] -->

Firstly login to your blog management page, and then click on "Manage" > "Templates" from the left-hand side bar.
Please click on "Manage Templates", for the template you are currently using.

Please paste the tag you have copied above into 【 Edit HTML 】, immediately after "body" tag.


*Should you have difficulty finding "body" tag, paste it above "/body" tag below of all the contents.

Having inserted the tag, please make sure your blog.
Please especially check whether an icon is displayed on upper right or upper left. If you see the icon, it is properly placed, and the analysis is ready to get started.

2. Choose an icon for analysis

Leave a check next to the "Icon Type" you want to choose your preferred icon from the list of all the icons.
Make specific appointments where you wish to place the icons, and confirm it with the preview.

Once you have determined what picture you want, click "Set".

Then it's finished.
*If you wish to change the setting from "Social Analysis" to "Icon Type", please make sure you have also replaced the older HTML tag for analysis.

3. Register target pages

Please login first to the user management page of FC2 Analyzer, and click "Manage the Analyzer" on the left bar.

Insert the URL and the title of the page you would like to analyze, and click "Add Page".
It's done when you confirm added pages in "Register and Delete the Target Pages".


09 /07 2009
Q. I don't want myself or unexpected URL to be counted and analysed.
A. If the address "○○○○○○"
is counted in the access log, it might have happened due to the bug within your browser.
It does not mean that illegal accesses have been made to your website/blog.

Q. What if I want you to analyze more than 120 pages?
A. If the number of page exceeds 120 pages, simply you cannot add more pages. Thereafter, pages will appear and be counted as "UNREGISTERED PAGE".
If you need many pages to be analyzed, we would strongly recommend you to switch to manual operation mode, delete unnecessary pages and data, and set it up so that access analysis will not automatically add new target pages.
Also please make use of the "Tag Crawler" in order not to register unnecessary pages.

Q.Can I use this service simultaneously with the other similar service?
A. As each access analysis might interfere with the other and affect the result of each analysis, it is not a good idea to make use of multiple services at the same time. If you still wish to do so, please acknowledge that the result might lack some precision.

Concerning Use

Concerning Use
09 /07 2009
Q. What do all these jargon words mean?
A. Please refer to the link for an explanation about the jargon used in this service.

Q. Not sure how to paste the HTML tag for analysis.
A. Acquire the HTML tag from the Management Page, and paste it in the designated place.

Please click here ( for details.

Q. Not sure how to change the icons and ads.
A. Please look here ( for details.

Q. Suddenly analysis stopped working! Why??
A. Make sure you haven't changed the template of your blog, or other layouts.
Please do paste the HTML tag after any modification, edit of your blog/website.

Q. I have pasted the analysis tag to the proper location, but it hasn't started working.
A. Have you registered target page's URL?
Please make sure that you have registered target page's URL in "Manage the Analysis".

Q. Now that the analysis is properly done, but I don't see any FC2 advertisement.
A. It may not work properly with the templates which employs flash, simply because the ad would hide behind the flash.
Also some ads might not be well fit to certain templates, in which case you should try using other templates.

Q. The analysis is working properly, but I do not see FC2 ad icon.
A. It might take a while to display if the analysis tag is installed at the end of the tag, not at the begining.
Also if the location is not proper (such as located at the end, middle of the tag...), visitors might move onto other pages before completely loading the page. This leads to less precise analysis. If you wish the analysis to be more precise, please do make sure that you have placed the tag at the begining of the whole tag.
Inversely, if you wish to know how many users have loaded full page, please make sure you have placed the tag at the end of the whole tag.
* Make sure you haven't installed too many plugins to your blog, as this might contribute to less precise analysis. (too many plugins=slow loading)

Q. I want an icon to be displayed instead of having related keywords displayed.
A. Please choose the type of icon you would prefer from the second contents of "HTML Tag for Analysis", "Choose an Ad". Then leave a few minutes to check the change.
If you change the type of ad from "Social Analysis" to "Icon Type", you would need also to change the analysis tag. Please copy the latest analysis tag and paste it to wherever you wish to place it.

Q. I would like to employ access analysis in the page with frames.
A. Make sure you have pasted the tag which excludes information concerning the frame. The tag will not be properly processed if you paste it in the tag with the information of the frame.

Logging In

Logging In
09 /07 2009
Q. Cannot login to FC2 Access Analysis
A. Having completed registration, a confirmation e-mail (with registry information) has been sent to your registered e-mail address. Please check your email account and try to login again.

There may also be some settings that are preventing you from successfully logging in.
1) Please check your SSL/TSL settings.
2) Please make sure that JavaScript is turned on.
3) Try deleting your cache and cookies.
4) Turn cookies on.
5) Temporarily disable any security software that may be hindering you.

Please also keep in mind that you cannot login to a single FC2ID from multiple browsers or devices. If you have, you must first logout from FC2ID, before logging in again.

Q. I forgot my ID and password.
A. Please try to re-issue the password from here: Reissue Password

Please try not to lose your ID or password.

Q. I have changed my e-mail address! I cannot receive the password.
A. Prior to any change of personal information, make sure to change your account information. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact us providing as much information you can (e.g. your name, account name, e-mail address, what service you are currently with, web page address, blog address, etc)

(In the light of security, you have to be verified as the same person who registered to the service. Without this verification, we are unable to re-issue the password.)


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